How to Clear data stored in Chrome Browser

Clear data from Google Chrome on Windows: Step 1: Open Google Chrome Step 2: Click on 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen and select settings. Step 3: Type "Clear" in Search Settings Step 4: Click "Clear Browsing Data" Step 5: Click "Advanced" Step 6: Select "All Time" from the "Time Range" option. Step 7: Tick all checkboxes. Step 8: Click "Clear Data"

How to create Bootable Linux USB

Step 1:

Download the Linux distro you want to install. In this, we will be installing Linux Mint.

If you wish to install Linux Mint then you can download it through the below-mentioned link.

From the above page, you can select which edition of Mint you want to download.
Select the appropriate one and now it should take you to the server selection page.
Select the server which is nearest to your location and the download shall begin now.

Step 2:

Download Rufus

Here we need an application that can create a bootable USB.
For this purpose, we are going to use Rufus.
First, download Rufus from the link given below

Step 3:

Create a bootable USB

Plug-in a USB of 8GB or more in size to your PC.
Open Rufus that we just downloaded.
Make sure the USB you inserted is selected in the "DEVICE" option in Rufus.
Click "SELECT" and then select the iso image we downloaded in Step 1.
Click "START"

Now Rufus will write the OS image to USB and once this process is finished you are ready to proceed with the install.

You can check out this video for visual guide:

First video is in Hindi and the next one is in English.

Hindi Video:

English Video:


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